The Smallest River in South Africa

Did you know that the amazing town of #Stanford has a river that is claimed to be the smallest in the country?
It’s called the Klein (Small) River 🏞 – This pint-sized river starts at the northern slopes of the Kleinriver Mountain Range in the Overberg and runs for about 80 km until it reaches the Klein River Lagoon. What’s most interesting about this river is that it holds the record for the shortest distance between its origin and mouth in the world, measuring just five kilometers as the crow flies.
There is no denying the significant role the Klein River plays in the economy and ecology of Stanford and the surrounding areas. This small river provides support across multiple sectors, from agriculture to tourism, and sustains various ecological systems. It has been a source of life for generations of people who have settled near it.
We are fortunate to have a portion of it running through Blue Gum Country Estate and curated a beautiful river walk on the farm to showcase it – come and join us 🥾🐶
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